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The Answers To Our Questions Are Not Always What We Want [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Kristina A

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More Phone Calls Than I Can Handle [Jan. 12th, 2006|08:42 pm]
Kristina A
[mood |creativecreative]
[music |Island in the Sun by Weezer]

I visited the psychiatrist today with Townsend to get my medicine refilled, so I'm good there right now. I called Brandon a few times today as well to figure out what he's doing on his days off and to figure out when he's going to Australia with Dave. Turns out it will be months from now. Nothing else going on...

One of the phone calls from earlier today

"Hey Brandon. What's up?"--Me
"Sitting on Dave's porch smoking a cigar and drinking beer with Dave."--Brandon
"I hope you're joking."--Me
"No, I really am smoking a cigar and drinking a beer. We were bored. With you gone I do the things that I hate."--Brandon
"I hope that's your last cigar."--me
feeling guilty "Yes, Kristina."--Brandon
"Don't listen to that bitch! If you want to smoke a cigar and drink beer do it. Use some authority against her."--Dave
"She scares me when she's angry, Dave."--Brandon
"Kristi, let Brandon smoke cigars with me."--Dave
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Back At Lyco [Jan. 9th, 2006|07:37 pm]
Kristina A
[mood |determineddetermined]

So I'm back at college and quite bored. I think I'm used to working all the time and then hanging out with friends somewhere. It was like a neverending cycle. My class schedule is set up to where I have Tuesdays and Thursdays almost clear, except psychology lab on Tuesday morning. I dropped choir and doing only band so I don't over work myself again this semester. I have been bombarded by people who are excited to see me back this semester and I hung out with Ben for a few hours talking to him about life in general. It was quite an entertaining chit chat about the messed up ways of relationships. I tend to have very messed up relationships. I call Brandon every now and then to tell him how things are and to update him on my schedule. He really wants me to come home this weekend but I have no way of getting home to see him. I try not to describe my relationship too much to people in live journal because I don't want to seem obsessed with him or overbearing but he really is a nice mature guy. Out of all the guys I have ever dated, Brandon is the most mature, sweet, funny, forgiving guy. Before I left for college he told me he would understand if I meet someone else while I'm up at college and away all I had to do was tell him about it before hand and then we could be friends again. I can't see a relationship forming between me and anyone else at college because no one has the qualities of Brandon. I feel like I'm droning on now. Well, I'm off to the library to start on homework and try to get ahead of my classes so that I can be a slacker on weekends.
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Life Or Something Like It [Jan. 7th, 2006|05:34 pm]
Kristina A
[mood |busybusy]

Well, I'm going back to Lyco tomorrow, which kind of depresses me. I really wanted to go to mass with Brandon tomorrow at 9 because it always made me giggle. I might see a movie tonight with Dave and Brandon but it is unknown since I usually feel like the third wheel around those guys. Heh Heh. That could be because they're playing Animal Crossing on Nintendo DS. I hung out at Dave's house last night and watched the Fifth Element on his surround sound. I must say, the surround sound in his living room is awesome. After that Brandon and I hung out at my house watching some more of Noir.

Kristina= Parvarti Patil or Hermione Granger (whatever Brandon and Dave decide to call me for the moment)
Dave= Harry Potter
Brandon= Ronald Weasley

"You think that's bad Kristi, I spent 75$ on a pair of Abercrombie and Fitch boxers because it held my penis right."--Dave
"Kristi, does Brandon remind you of a Weasley? Like Ron Weasley."--Dave
"Dave, doesn't that forgiveness cake taste really good?"--Brandon

"Brandon, I think we're going to have to spend the night in the store if they don't fix that lock.--Dave
"You guys are having a slumber party in EB at the mall?"--me
"No, we're hanging out in EB playing video games and watching movies on the tv all night."--Dave
"That's a slumber party, Dave"--Me
"Can we pitch a tent in the back room or in the store?"--Brandon

"Dave, movie theatres change their times on Thursdays. Everybody knows that."--Brandon
"I didn't know that!"--Dave
"Yes, you did!"--Brandon

"I feel less geeky around those guys."--Eugene pointing at Dave and Brandon playing Animal Crossing while getting The Cave in Suncoast

"Dave, are you buying me that fishing pole?"--Brandon
"Why, yes I am."--Dave
"Cool, I'll buy The Cave for you."--Brandon

Dave calls Brandon "So what are you doing Brandon?"--Dave
"I'm baking cookies with Kristi."--Brandon
--five minutes into the conversation--
"Brandon, I'm going to have to take you to the hospital to get your mangina removed."--Dave

"Dave really does love Liz, Kristi."--Brandon
"Hey Dave, can you make me some tea, please?"--Liz
"Make it yourself, Bitch!"--Dave
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Happy New Year and Shit [Jan. 2nd, 2006|12:41 am]
Kristina A
[mood |accomplishedaccomplished]

Worked at Ski Roundtop today for the last day ever...yes!!!

"Dave, you aren't Kurt Kobain." Brandon
"Kristi, I'm staring at your schedules for Suncoast and Ski Roundtop and it's making my head hurt." Brandon
"I had a hot chocolate chugging contest with a couple of the guys at Ski Roundtop while working cash register in the food court." me
"Kristi, your boyfriend is a loser." Nikki
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Sera Sera... [Dec. 29th, 2005|04:46 am]
Kristina A
[mood |lethargiclethargic]

I work too much and now I am wore out from working double shifts. I am quitting my job at Ski Roundtop but trying to stay at Suncoast since the new management is much better than before. I enjoy working at Suncoast because it's a fun job. Anyways, on to better things. After work Brandon and I went to Friendly's so that he can get a Fribble shake. He was telling me how rich he was with a slight laugh. Apparently he doesn't keep track of his expenses and has 12$ on his card till tomorrow and his credit card has 50$ left. So I ended up paying for it, but he didn't mind. We somehow ended up at Dave's house. I think it was because he kept calling Brandon about how lonely he was. So we went over and watch Dave get slaughtered on his X Box 360. Brandon played for a bit and switched back and forth with Dave while Liz and I stared dumbfounded at the TV.


"She's a mute. We're an equal opportunity employer. We hire deaf, blind, mutes and mentally handicaped." Dante talking about me because I couldn't speak for 15 minutes, did it for Pocky.

"Rule number one, no drinking. Nevermind, ignore that. Rule number one, Listen to Brandon. Rule number two, no drinking."--Brandon

"I think I'm becomming an alcoholic." Dave, as he mixes Captain Morgan, water, and some other alcohol.

"We're uhhh 200$ short off the two registers, Brad." --Adrienne when we learned to count registers at close

"Kristi, sit next to Brandon on the couch." Dave
"No! I want to sit on the chair." Me
"Stop arguing and sit on the damn couch next to Brandon before I move you there!!" Dave

"We always argue like a married couple sometimes. I hope we don't turn out like Dave and Liz." Brandon

"Kristina, your boyfriend is whipped." Adrienne

"You can't parallel park?!?" Brandon
"BITE ME!!!" Me
"God, why do you try to be perfect!!" Brandon

A Cell Phone Call
"Kristi, stop being mad at Dave. He can't help it, he's an ass." Brandon
"Tell her I hate her Brandon." Dave
"Stop pissing her off!! I want you two to be friends." Brandon
"I don't like friend stealers." Dave
"Go kill yourself Dave." Me
"I say that everyday! You think that has an effect on me!!" Dave
"Kristi!!! Stop telling Dave to kill himself." Brandon
Later on...
"Kristi, meet Dave and me at the theatre so that we can play games at the arcade to work things out." Brandon
"I'm not meeting with that bitch." Dave
"Dave, stop it. I want you two to be friends." Brandon
"Fine, but you know I suck at everything there." Me
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